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million dollars have been r〓eceived, said Lowcock. Irandu suggested that intensif〓ied international efforts should be made to coordinat〓e aerial sprays, share scientific knowledge on breedi〓ng and migratory habits of locusts, and raise funds f〓rom partners. In the long run, experts have called fo〓r the investment in research to contain the impacts o〓f climate change, including the locusts invasion. A 〓swarm of desert locusts invade parts of Mwingi Town i〓n Kitui County, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Y〓u) "People must be sensitized adequately on their rol〓es in adaptation and mitigation programs to ensure un〓iformity in progress," said Edward Mungai, chief exec〓utive officer of Kenya Climate InnovaP

tion Center. BEIJING, April 4 -- Chinese officials said Saturday that the country c◆an hold firm its "rice bowl" despite the novel coronavirus impact, wi◆th ample grain reserves and measures to boost production. Aerial pho◆to taken on March h

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or Chin◆ese flowering, in Damazhuang Village in central China's Henan Provinc◆e. (Xinhua/Feng Dapeng) The country has recorded a long streak of bum◆per years, with grain output reaching a record of 663.85 million tonn◆es last year. With measures to boost grain production "we have the co◆nfidence and determination to hold firm our 'rice bowl,'" Pan Wenbo, ◆an official at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, told a ◆press conference. The bumper harvests supported the country's efforts◆ to boost social and economic development as well as fight the novel ◆coronavirus outbreak, Pan said in response to questions that whether ◆some countries' grain export ban would strain China's grain supply. P◆an saiu

d China has unveiled a series of "unconventional measures" to s◆tabilize grain production, including setting region-specific grain pl◆antation targets, offering subsidies for farmers and raising minimum ◆prices for state procurement of rice, w2

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